Philtronics ISO 9001 Accreditation Renewal

Philtronics recently renewed its ISO 9001 accreditation, a proof of a good Quality Management System.

What are the benefits of ISO 9001?

•Improved Customer Satisfaction
•Greater Quality Awareness
•Competitive Edge
•Increased productivity
•Reduced Costs

ISO 9001 provides our customer with an additional level of security, it means we are quality driven.


Newly qualified employees gain Level 2 NVQ Diploma

Congratulations to our newly qualified employees who have gained a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Business Improvement Techniques (Process Improvement). This is part of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement in training and processes.


Philtronics 10th Year Growth Plan Now Ready for ‘Take- Off’

Hirwaun-based Philtronics is upskilling and expanding into innovative and high-tech markets as the company pursues its ambitious growth plans. Earlier this year the family-run electronics business moved to new premises on the Hirwaun Industrial Estate, tripling its size in a new high-tech home following an £800,000 investment. Rugby legend Jonathan Davies was on hand to officially open the new factory, and to mark the company’s tenth anniversary.


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We’ve Strengthened Our NPI team

In line with our commitment to bringing a product to market on time and within budget, we welcome the addition of our new Process Technician, Ryan Price.

Ryan, an electrical and electronics engineering graduate, joins us with the remit of interpreting NPI schedules for optimum integration into the manufacturing process. Says NPI Production Manager, Dave Boucher, "Ryan will join the NPI process at an early stage to provide a technical analysis and help introduce critical logistics and manufacturing elements for greater efficiency; proposing solutions to ensure a smooth transition to manufacturing flow. It is far more cost efficient than waiting for working prototypes before beginning the planning of the transition to all out production."

Ryan is part of Philtronics’ commitment to continuous improvement in training and processes and to manufacturing excellence.