Test & Inspection

Comprehensive Testing & Inspection Service

We are committed to supplying fully tested products to a high quality standard, whether they be PCBs, looms or full box or rack build.

All products are manually tested; requiring a high skills set. Our team all hold qualifications in electronics. Automated testing can be offered if high volumes are required.

The team compile and develop test specs in house, to ensure the optimum regime of test procedures and functions for each individual product. They also build test jigs to meet clients’ specific requirements.

Tests include:

  • Insulation testing
  • Earth bonding testing
  • Flash testing
  • 415 volt 3 phase
  • 208 volt 3 phase
  • 240 single phase
  • Low voltage PCB tests
  • High & low power RF tests
  • Cirrus loom tests
  • PIC programming

All PCBs, looms and box builds are 100% visually inspected to ensure our standards are maintained consistently. All loom assemblies and box builds are also fully continuity checked.